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graphics and more by darkangsty42 and knightbusdriver

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excellent notion graphics
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excellent notion!
you have stumbled upon darkangsty42 and knightbusdriver's graphics journal, formally located at the now defunct thepinkscarlett and takeasad_song, respectively. here you will find icons, fanmixes, & picspams mostly of period dramas and our major fandoms. there isn't much to show right now, but eventually we'll have built up quite the collection again, we're sure. we're obessive taggers, so everything is organized in the tags for easy reference. nominations are awesome, just let us know so we can thank you!

like what you see? friend excellentnotion to watch for updates.

rules, as always, are quite simple. comment, credit, don't edit, don't hotlink!

101 dalmatians, 1776, 30 rock, a fine frenzy, a knight's tale, aladdin, alice in wonderland, amy adams, anna friel, anne-marie duff, art, as you like it, atonement, autumn, avatar: the last airbender, bambi, band of brothers, battlestar galactica, beauty and the beast, becoming jane, berkeley square, blackadder, bleak house, brave, bright star, cemeteries, christmas, chuck, cinderella, community, daniel deronda, deadwood, doctor who, downton abbey, eastern promises, elizabeth, emily blunt, emma, enchanted, enchanted forest chronicles, fanmixes, fanposters, fanvids, feist, finding nemo, frankenstein, game of thrones, gilmore girls, glee, halloween, hamlet, harry potter, hayley atwell, hercules, history, how-to train your dragon, hunchback of notre dame, i capture the castle, icons, inglourious basterds, james mcavoy, john adams, katie mcgrath, king lear, lady and the tramp, lilies, little dorrit, lord of the rings, luther, mansfield park, marie antoinette, marina and the diamonds, merlin, miranda otto, miss austen regrets, moulin rouge!, mulan, narnia, north and south, northanger abbey, once upon a time, parks & recreation, persuasion, picspams, pirates of the caribbean, pocahontas, pride and prejudice, ratatouille, robin hood, rome, romola garai, scott pilgrim, screencaps, sense and sensibility, sleeping beauty, sleepy hollow, slings and arrows, snow white, sophia myles, stage beauty, star trek, star wars, stardust, stock photos, tangled, tarzan, the breakfast club, the clone wars, the colbert report, the daily show, the devil's whore, the duchess, the hobbit, the hour, the incredibles, the king's speech, the legend of korra, the lion king, the little mermaid, the new world, the painted veil, the princess bride, the rescuers down under, the sunne in splendour, the tudors, the west wing, there will be blood, toy story, toy story 2, toy story 3, tristan + isolde, true grit, up, wall-e, wallpapers, winter, wonderfalls