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138. Star Wars fanmix: "Circle 'round the Sun"
sw: not in it for your revolution
darkangsty42 wrote in excellentnotion
Can't stop, won't stop. A combination of watching the first three seasons of The Clone Wars, rewatching the ot, and reevaluating the canon in general, my perpetually-there, if usually latent, Skywalker family feelings became overwhelming. 100% blame auroralives and knightbusdriver, but I don't think they mind. I thought my Avatar mix was long. Nope. I needed to get in every combination and others, because Skywalkers, damn it.

(.piz to .zip after downloading)

The Night Starts Here - Stars (Skywalkers)
The dust at dawn is rained upon, attaches itself to everyone
No one is spared, no one is clean
It travels places you've never been or seen before

Black Sand - Jenny Lewis (Anakin/Padme)
I fell in love with a beautiful boy on the black sand
He took me away I was never the same on the black sand
He said, "Who's gonna love you buried underground?"

Rambling Man - Laura Marling (Padme)
And the tender are carried to their bed
And it's a cold and pale affair
And I'll be damned if I'll be found there

We Can Have It - The Dears (Anakin)
Some people care, they're going long, they're going deep
And still it's nowhere to be found
We're looking far, we're searching wide

Each Coming Night - Iron & Wine (Anakin/Padme)
Will you say to them when I'm gone
I loved your son for his sturdy arms
We both learned to cradle then live without

Bad Man's World - Jenny Lewis (Anakin and Ahsoka)
I've got something left to prove
Got a bullet left, but I can't decide
Which scorpion I'm going to shoot

A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left - Andrew Bird (Anakin and Obi Wan)
He can't stand to look back
At sixteen tons of HAZMAT
It's what goes undelivered

Innocent Bones - Iron & Wine (Anakin)
That the wind blows cold across the back of the master and the kitchen help
There's a big pile of innocent bones still holding up the garden wall
And it was always the broken hand we learned to lean on after all

Hope in the Air - Laura Marling (Padme and Leia)
I can't give up that quick.
My life is a candle and a wick.
You can put it out but you can't break it down

Vengeance is Sleeping - Neko Case (Padme and Luke)
If you're not run-out, dead and buried
You're most certifiably married, oh married
I'm sure you're sleeping sound

Don't Carry it All - The Decemberists (Skywalkers)
Witness to the arc towards the sun
A neighbor’s blessed burden within reason
Becomes a burden borne of all and one

Windowsill - Arcade Fire (Luke)
World War III, when are you coming for me?
Been kicking up sparks, we set the flames free
The windows are locked now, so what'll it be?

The Burden of Tomorrow - The Tallest Man on Earth (Luke and Obi Wan)
And once I called the shadow in the turning game
But I will fight this stranger that you should fear
So I won't be a burden of tomorrow dear

Take Me to the Riot - Stars (Han/Leia)
I hate when I have to get to sleep
You despise me, and I love you
It's not much, but it's just enough to keep

Half Jack - Dresden Dolls (Leia)
I try to wash him out but like they say, "the blood is thicker"
I see my mother in my face, but only when I travel
I run as fast as I can run, but Jack comes tumbling after

(Antichrist Television Blues) - Arcade Fire (Anakin and Leia)
As I drive from the city with the money that I earned
Into the dark of a starless sky
I'm staring into nothing and I'm asking you why

Hero - Regina Spektor (Anakin and Luke)
He never, ever saw it
Coming at all
It's alright, it's alright

No Cities Left - The Dears (Luke and Leia)
Let's just keep fighting
The end of the world
We will hold hands and we will make plans

Rising Greatness - Alela Diane (Skywalkers)
Still there are, there are heavy days about us
They are shards of something lost
But there's white gold in the static

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I've seriously become enamored of this mix and its cover art. It's some of our best work!

Totally listening to this (and the extended playlist) on repeat while I write, the only problem is that there are no Padme and Obi-Wan songs. How did we overlook that? Well, it's not a huge loss and doesn't ruin the mix at all, but it's something we should have considered. Whoops.

(I spent a really long time choosing between my two tragic space family icons. Adamas or Ponds? Eventually went with the Adamas because they are more tragic and the DW icon was just the one Pond. I really need to update my icons.)

Haha, remember that really ugly art I originally drafted for the back? Yeesh.

Yeah, that was a hole I thought about for awhile, but because this is already pretty beastly in size... still something to ~ponder.

Adamas are so ridiculously tragic, I can't. (Totes have the s2 ost on rn... it's the first thing I've listened to in a few days that HASN'T been the mix.)

Remember that time Leia was on fire? Or that really horrible yellow color?

Hey could we pick a couple songs for them so I could find a good title for my fic?

I will not listen to anything else until this fic is done!

How many calories do I burn laughing?

Workin' on it!

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! Star Wars was definitely childhood too, beating out Harry Potter by a couple of years.


This icon is for me because I totally don't have any Star Wars icons!! So need to be remedied! :(

Absolutely love!!! Can't wait to listen. Thank you!

Довольно, зачотная заметка

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