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135. Avatar: The Last Airbender fanvid
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knightbusdriver wrote in excellentnotion
Breaking from my Game of Thrones character studies to bring you a fanvid of Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender to Mumford & Sons's "Dust Bowl Dance." The story may be Aang's but its Zuko's bildungsroman. He spends the first season trying to live up to his father's expectation's, the second living up to his uncle's, and the third living up to his own. He struggles, fails, and tries again over and over, and goes through the most amazing transformation in the process. He is the best written character on the show, there is no doubt in my mind.

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No, but really. This was completely worth the time it took to get here and the amount of discussion and back-and-forth and switching shots, and hell, even ~coloring. Another really amazing piece! ♥

I'm really glad you're happy with it because this would have been a total waste without all that discussion. I suppose there are still bits that I'm not completely satisfied with, but that's the way it is with all my videos. Thank you for feeding my crazy and just becoming so in love with this show! It was really a sad time in my life when you judged me for loving this.

Well, yeah, people always see the problems more glaringly in their own work... unless of course they're SMeyer. Still, I'm really impressed that you managed to get the more contemplative, character-study aspects and the faster action aspects to mesh together so well.

Please, I live to enable.

Ahaha, younger me. Adults watch cartoons what are you talking about.

*gibbers* oh man, holy crap that was awesome, the editing was great, especially the last few bits, (fight scene=KJGJHKJGLJFGHL!!!) and the song? BEST CHOICE EVER. I have been waiting for someone to use it for a fanvid :D
Ahh so so good <3

Thank you so much!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

I loved it. This fits Zuko so well, and your video editing was pretty great! Sharing on my facebook. C:

This is my new favorite vid- this is absolutely gorgeous. The song is wonderfully harsh and vulnerable-sounding, and it just fits, equal parts vengeful and penitent.

Thanks!! I'm glad you like it!!

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