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043. The Sunne in Splendour casting picspam.
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darkangsty42 wrote in excellentnotion
auroralives fucking pwns, you guys. She's awesome. In a fit of madness, we cast essentially all the major players in Sharon Kay Penman's The Sunne in Splendour. The novel spans over 30 years, so excepting Richard III, we've only included the adult incarnations of the characters. I've tried to sort them into semi-reasonable clusters. This was totally crazy, but a lot of fun. Point being, Richard Armitage better get his Richard III project off the ground or we'll go nuts.


Our hero

His eldest brother

His second older brother

His third older brother

His sister

Their father

Their mother, aunt to Warwick


Their cousin

His brother

Edward IV's wife

Elizabeth Woodville's younger brother

Oldest daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville

Another daughter

Their sons

George's wife, older sister to Anne, daughter of Warwick

Richard III's wife, younger sister to Isabel, daughter of Warwick


The mad Lancastian king

His wife

Their son


Friend and councilor of Richard III

Friend and councilor of Richard III

Councilor to Richard III

Friend and councilor of Edward IV

Handmaiden to Anne Neville

Mistress to Will Hastings and Edward IV


...and his mother.

Bonus stuff!

Fake movie posters because I am actually crazy.
Loyaulte Me Lie, a Richard III/Anne Neville fanmix.
And if You Love, a Henry VII/Elizabeth of York fanmix.
A Little Further Off, a Richard III/Elizabeth of York fanmix.
Icons because why not.

YOU GUYYYYYS. EPIC, EPIC WIN. I mean, I'm still pretty much nowhere in, but now I have smouldering people to picture!

SKANDARRRRR. This is basically perfection. SEND THIS TO RARRMITAGE!


Dude, look at the INSANE comment threads on the last post. We went fucking NUTS. I think my favorite bit is when we cast Ioan as Henry VII.


MMM, SMOLDERING. Personally, I REALLY like that picture of JJ.

The way you were able to find actors who look startlingly like the portraits of the people for them to portray is amazing. Especially for the Duchess of York. But a lot of other people, too. Wow. :)

Thank you! Casting based off the portraits was difficult, as medieval art doesn't exactly lend itself to accuracy. We pretty much went off the descriptions supplied by the book. And auroralives gets major props for finding actors that looked related.

But again, thank you!

(PS: I ♥ your icon!)

Indeed, we do!


I'm screwed for my psych test, but this was kind of worth it. ;)

I love, love, love this cast!

Wow. Thank you! I love this book.

I'm so glad you liked it! I only just picked up the book this summer, at my mother's recommendation. I'm glad I did. ;)

HOLY . CRAP. THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER. your choices are SO good. I bow down to this.

Wow! Thank you! It's good to know we weren't totally wasting our time. ;)

*puts book on hold at the library*

Great, look what you made me do! ;P

Mission: accomplished!

Seriously though, Penman's awesome. Viscerally, I like this book the best of her stuff, but if you get a chance, her Henry II/Eleanor of Aquitaine trilogy is really amazing stuff. She's ruined all other historical fiction for me, because now I expect stuff to be on level with it.

Great picspam. I love that you used original paintings for comparison (and the roses *g*).

Ok, this is a strange question. The picspam reminded me of a movie I've seen several years ago on television. I can't remember the title (and if I could it'd probably be the german translation), but I'm 99% sure that it played during the war of the roses and there was a lovestory between the two houses. An older movie, perhaps 70s.
Do you have any idea? This seems to be a topic you know some things about.

Thank you! Yes, the roses had to be provided for those pesky figures who were obscure enough not to have any portraiture done of them.

Interestingly, I have no idea what you're talking about. The only stuff that ever seems to be done about this period is Shakespeare's three-parter Henry VI and Richard III. And as for the romance bit, it could have literally been anyone, because everyone kept ignoring party lines for marriage. Anne Neville, Richard III's wife was the widow of the Lancastrian heir, Edoaurd. Edward IV pissed everyone off by marrying Elizabeth Woodville, as she was a Lancastrian widow as well. There's the potential it could have been about Elizabeth of York and Henry VII, as their marriage essentially ended the wars. But that definately was originally a political match, and not a love match.

Ioan Gruffudd as rogue Welshman= ♥ (That is an awesome photo as well)

I would seriously watch this just for the extreme prettiness.

Hee, Ioan originally was kind of a bit of crack casting, but we think he could play the shifty/suspicious character of Henry Tudor quite well. And it was kind of amusing marrying him to Romola Garai again.

I so would too, obvi. The actual book's been optioned as a film, and the guy we cast as Richard III's also working on a project similar to the nature of the book. So here's to hoping he casts the way we want it. ;)

Thank you so much for commenting!

Skandar! ♥

Aww Thomas Sangster and Freddie Highmore are so adorable. I love them.

And he's still the bamf stealth little brother in this!

Adorable and doooooooomed.



The Armitage + Rupert Penry Jones + Skandar + Romain Duris + Romola Garai + Hans Matherson + Ioan Gruffudd. And just everyone! You might want to send this to the man himself :D

THANK YOU, M'DEAR. We're quite pleased how sexy this cast turned out, and everyone still looks related!

Seriously, we need to find whoever's optioning Penman's book at the moment, give them Richard's number, and then send them this cast!

Rewatched more North and South today and am now so 100% convinced that no one but him can play Richard III.


Now I want to go and reread this book. I adore Sharon Kay Penman so much and these would all work so beautifully.

I'm glad you enjoyed it and think it works!

I read some Penman forever ago, and then discovered this over the summer and instantaneously became hooked with her world. I think my favorite excepting Sunne is When Christ and His Saints Slept.

Wow, that's an impressive casting list :)

Thank you! Given the novel's scope, I was amazed we were able to pull it off. ;)

I JUST CAME ACROSS THIS (via agguss AND YESSS. This movie MUST be made. :)

This was totally crazy, but a lot of fun.
I 100% concur! And I love the way you've done the photos in the little red boxes, most nifty.

Hee! Thank you! I was originally going to color-code by house loyalty, but a) people switched sides a lot, and b) white's not a particularly striking color.

I've seen you around a lot because we have a lot of mutual interests/friends so... friends? :)

OMG. I found this and I want to like...eat this picspam if that were possible or in anyway sane. I offhandedly mentioned this to my Medieval history professor and it was worth the possible doubts of my sanity for her seal of approval. I would watch this six hour movie.

That is the single greatest comment I've ever gotten.

I'm with you on watching this six hour movie! Really, I'd take anything halfway decent at this point. There are just no good movies about the medieval period out there.

Sophie linked to this, and now I cannot stop staring and flailing and squeeing. I love this so much it's ridiculous. Your casting is spectacular and, I mean, the War of the Roses is just glorious madness all over the place. I want this movie to get made now, but I'm pretty sure the world would explode were that actually to happen--so, as it is, I'll just put this in my memories and reread Penman/Shakespeare things and fangirl.

(YORK FOR LIFE. I love being stupidly partisan about this. Which I am.)

Lol, yay! As egotistical as this sounds, whenever I go back and look at this I start flailing and then get bummed that this doesn't actually exist. Boo. Sometimes I even plan fanvids in my head. It's like, 1000 levels of sad. At this point I'd settle for any good Wars of the Roses adaptation, even if it wasn't this cast. (Although I admit, I'd probably grumble about it a lot.)

YORK FOR LIFE INDEEDY. It is very important to know where you stand in a centuries old, long resolved conflict. When I finally got around to watching The Tudors, which I half love, half hate, I couldn't help myself but immediately side with the Poles. Last scion standing, so to speak.

This is pretty much the most epic thing since ever. I love it! ♥ There are so many awesome choices for casting, but I particularly love Olivia Williams as Margaret Beaufort.

Haha, thanks! We went quite bonkers. :D

I am now going to have to grab myself a copy of this book

I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is my favorite piece of historical fiction ever and probably one of my favorite books in general. It's a bit of a doorstop in terms of size, but do not let that intimidate you because it has everything and once it starts rolling it doesn't stop.

Great cast! I'd like Richard Armitage as Richard!

Thank you! I would too! He keeps saying in interviews that he thinks he's too old (which he kind of is technically) but if he just got his project off the ground maybe it'd be more feasible!

Still awesome. Still neeeeds to exist!

Ffffffffff I know! I occasionally look at this and sign wistfully. At this point I'd settled for any halfway decent Richardian film.

This is awesome. I love it. Ever since I read that interview with Richard Armitage, I have not been able to see anyone else as Richard.

This is absolutely perfect casting, although Ioan is far too hot to be Henry VII. Then I might have like him and that would be bad.

Aw, thanks!

LOL, Ioan truthfully was crack casting because we went "WE NEED A WELSH ACTOR" and he's the first one that came to mind. Plus then he and Romola would be playing marrieds again. :D

I so want to watch this. Also, you granted Rarmitage his wish and cast him as Richard III, so basically, you WIN big time.

Haha, thanks! I definitely recommend checking out the book, it's amazing!

BEST TOPIC, BEST CASTING. My Mr Thornton + RPJ + Hans + JJ in the same sentence? I'm flipping out in delight.

Okay, this ridiculously hot casting made me order the book from Barnes & Noble's website. :D Nearly two hundred pages in and loving it.

Yes! I am so glad because that is exactly why the casting spam was put together - to get people to read the fabulous book! I love that your enjoying it, it's one of my favorite pieces of historical fiction.

Ioan Gruffudd is too good looking to play that ratty faced Henry VII and although it might be not fitting, the lad that played Richard III in The White Queen is the closest I have seen looking as that King.


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